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CloudRay’s solid reputation and Healthcare IT consulting expertise has been cultivated over 15 years, enabling us to expand our portfolio of services and competencies to meet the healthcare industry’s ever-changing needs. We provide solutions that help health systems solve clinical, financial and organizational IT challenges, and we ensure the success of client deliverables through effective project management and client communication. Our knowledge base is extensive and our competencies are wide-ranging with respect to the Healthcare IT domain.

A Client-Centric Approach to Healthcare IT

CloudRay has formulated a business model that focuses on the client first, mapping out the core IT challenges that the health organization faces, including operations and implementation, cost, redundancies, flexibility, scalability, deficiencies and legacy technologies. We address these issues thoroughly in order to effectively strategize, develop, deploy and maintain healthcare IT services and solutions that meet each organization’s specific requirements.

We offer a strategy and pricing structure that is efficient, cost-effective, robust (accounting for various intra-organizational needs), and adaptable to changing technologies and market demands – and we deliver custom technical solutions that drive organizational change and facilitate the delivery of high quality patient care. Our executive leadership consistently communicates our vision, shared values, progress and collective vested interests to all of our clients, partners, employees and consultants.

Let us demonstrate how we can formulate a flexible and cost-effective strategy to generate an immediate and long-term impact on your Healthcare IT operations.

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