Our Company

CloudRay is the market leader in software development and consultancy services. We leverage the technical competencies of our founders and consultant associates with years of domain-specific expertise to provide our clients with the IT solutions and services necessary to address their organizational needs. Our consultants’ credentialed, industry-cultivated knowledge base enables us to offer expert consultancy services tailored to each health organization’s specific requirements, taking into account current systems and processes, implementation timelines, cost factors and more.

CloudRay’s reputation has been earned by always listening to and adapting to the needs of our customers. We begin by understanding who the customer is and what the customer needs in order to develop intuitive solutions for complex organizational challenges. As a company, we aspire to consistently surpass client expectations by delivering solutions that exceed industry standards and current best practices. We offer highly efficient established and emerging technologies, provide high-quality customer service, and deliver a superior end-user experience.

CloudRay is committed to advancing quality software for all of our partners by conveying leadership, innovation, accountability, client focus and satisfaction. The core traits and values that will not be compromised (and, therefore, are components of our foundational cornerstone) are integrity, transparency, quality, flexibility and value.

As a partner of industry-leading technology providers, CloudRay delivers best-in-class solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of global SMBs and Fortune listed organizations. With extensive domain and technology expertise, our solutions integrate seamlessly within existing IT infrastructures, ensuring optimal business performance and maximized return on technology investments.

Recruiting Process :

We identify potential candidates through referrals, LinkedIn, Meetup groups, networking events, user groups, conferences, email marketing campaigns, online advertising and direct recruiting.

Our recruiters are more than resume sources. They are natural relationship builders and trusted advisors. Talented IT professionals refer their friends and colleagues to our team because of our competency, integrity and ability to provide excellent career opportunities that match their individual criteria.

Technical Competencies :

Companies need to get IT projects executed faster with fewer resources. IT Managers need the best people to get projects done right, but they are busier than ever.

We enable hiring managers to reduce the amount of time spent interviewing candidates so they can focus on managing and mentoring their staff and driving projects to completion. We are able to technically screen candidates more effectively than our competitors because our recruiting organization is divided into specialized teams.

Pay rolling Services :

In addition to our core IT staffing and consulting solutions, we offer comprehensive pay rolling, independent contractor engagement and supplier management solutions that help clients reduce costs and mitigate risks associated with engaging self-identified W2 workers, 1099 independent contractors and Corp-to-Corp contractors.