Quality Assurance

Quality begins on the inside then works its way out

CloudRay offer our clients strong and dedicated QA teams for full range of professional testing services, from individual testers who manually execute existing test cases, to being fully involved with a software development process and taking complete testing responsibility by establishing testing methodologies, creating test cases or plans, and performing automation testing.

We can also provide testing measurements and in-depth QA analysis to help you optimize testing procedures and then set up a completed process to deliver exceptional results for different types of projects across many industries and domains efficiently. We do believe that CloudRay's testing team has accumulated enormous experiences in partnering with our clients in many industries to deliver best services of software quality assurance for more efficient software solutions.

Our flexibility and superior understanding of software testing techniques and procedures allow us to meet your requirements. We have experienced engineers, experts, and customized service to satisfy all client’s testing needs. Moreover, we also work as a seamless extensional division with your in-house testing or development team to create a sustainable cooperation and development.

Our Expertise in SQA

  • Complete software product testing services and plans.
  • Provide project scope, objectives, and requirement definitions.
  • Provide strategies to monitor development and testing processes
  • Develop and design of tools and test automation scripts.
  • Monitor testing quality and security controls based on international industry practices and standards.

  • Our SQA Services Include :

    Website Testing Services :

    Websites created for clients, play an active role in promoting their services. Therefore, it is understood that websites must always be superior in quality and functionality. CloudRay provide end-to-end web testing solutions for clients who are keen to work on improvements. Our expert team addresses the functional and performance issues of the clients’ website in order to provide a continuous support.

    Mobile Testing Services :

    CloudRay provide testing services for a variety of mobile devices types, resolution, GUI and processing abilities. We provide assurance of making your product reach the market, through overcoming a number of testing challenges. CloudRay provide an extensive lab which is fully equipped to enable mobile test automation framework. We are one of the best service providers who ensure maximum testing coverage within minimum time.

    Test Automation :

    Properly implementing test methodologies can be a major challenge for any organization. Clients have to choose the correct tools which shall enable improvement of business on the whole. We specialize in test automation, and can assist in automating your projects at any particular stage. These kinds of services need to be aligned with your business goals as well.

    Test Process Improvement :

    Test Process Improvement is an assessment of an organization’s testing maturity. This is aimed to improve its testing and QA effectiveness and efficiency. CloudRay’s TPI solution gives you the versatility to understand the present position of your program and provides you with strategies for advancing your program to meet long-term business objectives.

    Security Testing :

    CloudRay provide Security testing which is a verification process that the information on the system is protected. Data verification ensures that the system maintains its intended functionality. CloudRay deploy a structured methodology for software security testing. The process accompanies the entire Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to detect the probability of future critical faults.

    Unit Testing :

    Our business goal is to detect bugs in an early stage through conducting accurate and superior unit tests. At the same time, we provide a detailed documentation of our activities. This ensures that the bugs and inconsistencies that are detected early in the development stage can be re-factored by the development team.

    Performance Testing :

    CloudRay's highly skilled Performance Test experts determine how the application performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload and against specific performance benchmarks.

    Healthcare Testing :

    With the increasing demand for interoperability and regulatory compliance, quality assurance testing has become extremely critical within the healthcare sector. CloudRay is deeply committed to quality assurance as part of our specialization in healthcare. We have considerable experience testing health applications manually, in addition to using test automation tools (e.g. Selenium, HP QTP, etc.) and in-house automation frameworks using both Perl and Python scripting languages. With such cases rising, we deploy specific technology expertise, to ensure end-user technology compliance. We have extensive experience in healthcare software testing both in manual and automated systems. Our highly skilled QA consultants have worked on projects of all sizes and complexities using proven methodologies to consistently deliver first-rate healthcare IT quality assurance services on time and within budget. CloudRay provides health organizations with a wide range of quality assurance and test automation services.