Cloud Computing is a better way to run your business

With the newer technologies and devices, any change in infrastructure such as hardware, optimization, relocation or migration of existing data involves efforts that are very complex, risky and expensive.

Cloud computing is a buzzword nowadays. If you're not on the cloud, you're missing many advantages. Scalability, agility, extensibility, and cost efficiency are some of the top benefits when choosing cloud computing. Operating on a cloud environment is a significant first step in providing excellent services to business users that will have long lasting benefits.

CloudRay offers Software Migration Services to port your applications across platforms. Our teams come with immense expertise in the latest technologies, as well as previously used popular technologies. This allows us to deploy highly secure and risk free re-engineering solutions for critical systems and applications. CloudRay’s migration and porting services help re-evaluate the business needs of its clients, visualize the product architecture and re-engineer the products with updated technologies.

CloudRay Capabilities

Our cloud computing experience and skilled vendor-agnostic resources will help you choose the most appropriate cloud computing services for your business environment.

Cloud Strategy and Consulting

Success in the cloud begins with a sound strategy. Guide your IT infrastructure with the right cloud models and platforms to facilitate easy cloud adoption. Choose the best cloud technologies to :

  • Accelerate application time-to-market
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Virtualize business processes
  • Increase workforce collaboration

Cloud Migration and Management

We can help you migrate, manage and monitor your most critical applications and data resources on the cloud.

  • Move on premise applications to the cloud
  • Re-host applications to multiple cloud platforms
  • Integrate third-party services and resources

Cloud Application Management

Build and host business applications on IaaS or PaaS cloud platforms to improve efficiency and scalability of your apps. The service enables you to :

  • Manage and monitor critical business applications
  • Leverage common tools, plugins and frameworks
  • Operate on multiple cloud platforms/environments
  • Ensure performance with health metrics

Cloud Infrastructure Support

CloudRay offer 24X7 infrastructure and maintenance and support services to tailor fit your business requirements. We work with you to develop a plan that best suits your needs while keeping the costs within reason.